Inspiration #1

"Nature has a way of calming the soul and inspiring creativity - it's a powerful healer that can bring us back to our true selves."

Inspiration #2

"The beauty of nature is that it offers us peace and harmony, allowing us to find solace in its embrace."

Inspiration #3

"The embrace of nature allows us to find freedom to capture, dare and dream - to explore the world and discover our true selves."

I'M Jenn



As a self taught artist, my creative expression comes through with vivid backgrounds and a loose impressionism/realism style. 

Working on canvas, board and specialty papers, my subjects include florals, people, nature, animals, mystical creatures and commissioned works.

As an intuitive artist, I tap into the energy of the human spirit and emotions, as well as my love for nature and animals. 

My choice of mediums include oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor and digital painting. 

I currently reside in Merritt Island, FL. 

Artist Jenn Royster
Jenn Royster's Art Studio



I was born and raised in Portsmouth, VA. At the age of 10 yrs, I received my first easel and paint set and have had a passion for painting ever since. 

In the 90’s I was commissioned for several murals, portraits and other artwork throughout Georgia and Florida. In 1997, my 40 ft tribute to sea life in Jacksonville, FL was featured in the Florida Times.

After raising a family, life took an unexpected turn and became the catalyst for the artist I am today. I now contribute my inspiration to a deeper soul connection. 


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